Email Transfer

Email transfer (Interac Online) is available in Canada only. Email transfer is as same as paying with your debit card. It is safe and quick. Here are two steps towards an instant email transfer:

  1. Log into your online banking site and select the Email Money Transfer option;
  2. Send an Email Money Transfer to our email address:
  3. Contact us by phone or email to inform us your answer to security question.

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Bank Transfer

After submit order online you may immediately contact your bank to transfer your payment to our bank account.

The information we provide is complete and accepted internationally. Some countries will have different names for each field, please seek your bank manager for assistance to wire transfer to Canada.

To avoid currency discrepancy, payment must be made in Canadian Dollars. Please notify us after you have made your payment; please send us a copy of your payment receipt.

Bank wire is only necessary if you do not have a TD Canada Trust account. If you have a TD account you can simply make a direct transfer by calling the bank, or transfer via online banking.

Wire transfer is not an instant payment. Your funds usually takes 1-3 days to reach our account. Wire transferring from some foreign countries can take longer.

Credit Cards

We accept VISA and Master Card only. We accept US and Canadian bank issuing credit cards only. You can pay with American Express, Discover Card only via our PayPal payment option. Please proceed using our checkout system.

When provide your information please enter the address where you receive billing statements for this card. In order to confirm your bank card number, the billing address must be the one displayed on your statements. If billing address and shipping address are different, for your security, you must call your credit card issuing bank to add this shipping address on file as an alternative shipping address for your credit card.

All information provided to LU Computers will be thoroughly researched to avoid credit card fraudulent activities before shipping. LU Computers may require additional information and/or verification before accepting and processing any order.

LU Computers reserves the right to cancel an order or to issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for merchandise that is advertised in error, that does not conform to advertised specifications, or was shipped in error. Charge backs from credit card issuing banks are subject to the above policies.


Via PayPal you can pay all major credit cards, bank transfers online.  You shop on and pay PayPal on which is really easy. PayPal is the most popular online payment. You can pay with PayPal even you don't have a PayPal account.

Please note Lu Computers ships merchandise only to a PAYPAL CONFIRMED ADDRESS.

A confirmed address is an address that has been reviewed by PayPal and found to be safe based on information related to the address. For example, a credit card billing address is confirmed because PayPal can check that the address is the same as the address on file at the credit card company.

Here's how you can confirm your shipping address: Add a credit card to your PayPal account. By adding a credit card to your account, PayPal can attempt to confirm your address with your credit card company. If the credit card company is not able to confirm your address, you may be asked to complete the Expanded Use enrollment process to activate your credit card. Your address can be confirmed after that process is complete. Note: Not all credit card companies are able to confirm addresses.

LU Computers PayPal Member Information Box (February 17th, 2008) :

To protect your security, PayPal offers information on the status of this member.
Seller Reputation: (2522) Verified Buyers
Account Status:  Verified 
Account Type:  CA Business 
Account Creation Date:  Oct. 21, 2003 
PayPal Member For:  4 years 3 months 27 days

• Member only accepts payments with a Confirmed Address

Cust. Service Email:
Cust. Service Phone: 416-446-7743
Seller Reputation
The Seller Reputation Number measures how many Verified PayPal members have paid that seller. New transactions are added 30 days after they occur, to ensure that the Reputation Number reflects successful exchanges.

Account Status
U.S. Users are considered "Verified" if they have confirmed the bank account they have added to their PayPal account.Verification is a positive signal to the Community that a user has complied with Community security measures.

Account Type
Accounts can be Personal, Premier, or Business. Active sellers are required to have a Premier or Business account.

Please note that this information is not an endorsement or guarantee but a summary of a member's status with PayPal provided to help the Community evaluate the other members with whom they transact.

Checks & Money Orders

Please make the check or money order payable to: LU Computers.  Please mark your ORDER NUMBER on the check.

All items are priced in Canadian Dollars. Payment must be made in Canadian Dollars. If you have to send us a US dollar Money order/check please contact us for a total amount in USD according to daily exchange rate.

US customers, please make sure the money order is negotiable in Canada. USPS Postal Money Orders must be made INTERNATIONAL.

We process your order after we receive your money order or cashier's check. A personal / company check usually takes 5-10 business days to clear from the bank. But a TD Bank check can be cleared within 24 hours. A check from the US takes longer as 3-5 weeks. We cannot guarantee your order’s availability when clearing time is longer than 5 business days.

Cash Deposit

If you are in Canada, you can make cash deposit to the nearest TD Canada Trust branch.

Please ask the teller to add your name or order number on your transaction.
Please contact us right after you have made your deposit.

Need More Help?

You can find the answers to most questions in LU Computer's FAQ Page, or call us directly at 1 (866) 999-7828. Toronto Locals (416) 446-7828

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